Welcome to our joint Project repository for public authorities. The repository includes prospective PPP projects in cultural heritage, starting with 4 pilot projects implemented during the Restaura lifetime. The aim of the repository is to compile the history of best practices after Restaura from the field of PPP on cultural heritage and facilitate experience sharing. Upload of projects will be checked by the respective Helpdesk Administrator for final approval.

Begin Date
Project name Partners Main Experiences Project Step Documents Project sponsor Begin DateEnd Date Rating
Revitalisation of Rihemberk Castle Municipality Nova Gorica 4  (2)  (0) 5.0
Revitalization of Bigatto Palace Grad Buzet 4  (2)  (0) 5.0
Revitalisation of Salt Square in NDM Novy Dwor Mazoviecki (NDM) 4  (2)  (0) 3.5
Revitalisation of Konventna Palace Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave 4  (1)  (0) 5.0