About the tool

An interactive web-tool for PPP application in revitalisation projects is a part of the activity A.T4.2.: Development of an interactive web-tool for PPP application in revitalisation projects. The main target groups of the tool are: (i) public authorities,

It has been constructed based-upon a User Requirement survey that was implemented during August and Semtember 2017. The tool implements the following main user requirements:

  1. It is focused on functionality, accuracy and user friendliness.
  2. It provides search engine for information about the implementation of PPP projects, library, glossary, search of registered, active, and completed PPP projects in the system, 4 pilot actions implemented during the Restaura project.
  3. It provides guidelines to assess PPP projects.
  4. It enables an anonymous assessment of PPP projects.
  5. It provides all of its functions with limited demands for data acquisition.

The web-based tool consists of three pillars: 1) What is PPP, 2) How to do PPP and 3) Projects. Pillars are intertwined and offer the main results of the Restaura project on a single interactive platform.

The first pillar brings basic information about PPP, its main benefits and threats. You are most welcome to use the library section of the pillar, particularly Guidelines and Handbook and use a special glossary where you can find the meaning of 100 most relevant concepts about the PPP in cultural heritage.

The second pillar brings a step by step description of the Integrated Build Heritage Revitalization Plan (IBHRP). Steps are explained in an interactive way, providing an insight into the process of preparing the heritage PPP project. Supplementary to the IBHRP, this pillar brings forth (i) PPP tenders (International and Domestic) in all four project countries as chosen by the appropriate Helpdesk center; and (ii) Financing options for implementing PPP.

The third pillar Projects brings the interactive functionality of monitoring and uploading PPP projects into the Restaura repository.This section allows upload to registered users of their PPP projects related to the field of cultural heritage. Initially, 3 pilot actions (Rihemberg castle, Bigato Palace, Salt Square in NovyDwor Mazowiecki) are uploaded to the system with some most important information, key lesson learned, and supportive documentats with graphical material.