Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage by PPP

Welcome to the web-based tool. Web-based tool provides practical guidelines on PPP application. The tool brings you some basic information about Public-Private-Partnership with a focus on cultural heritage. The tool combines major outputs of the Restaura project at one place, implements and puts available to other stakeholders tools for applying PPP in revitalisation of built heritage projects. When PPP approach should be used? What steps should be taken? These are some questions that RESTAURA project answers providing first-hand experience ready to use in different contexts. Exemplary pilot actions have been implemented in 4 CE cities, showing the possibilities of using PPP approach for built heritage buildings.

In case you would be interested in additional information about the PPP in cultural heritage or seek advice about cultural heritage projects, you are kindly welcome to use the Helpdesk facility of the tool and let us know about it. In case you have been working on such project and would like to share your experience and best practices do not hesitate to consult the Project section of the tool. The tool and its Helpdesk support is available in five languages: EN, PL, SK, SI, HR.